A vote of no confidence

Mediators voices split. The final decision is taken by the top mediator.
id 33 и id 433 на 3 месяца исключены из системы голосований дол 09.01.2018 прошу их голоса не учитывать до указаного срока. в будущем будет программная реализация
In connection with another fraud votes in the voting system and the open bribery of members, I would like to Express a Vote of no confidence to the participants 1) Dmitry Nikitin ru.super-ppl.com/profile/33/
2) Sergei Shapochkin ru.super-ppl.com/profile/433/
A vote of no confidence may be a period of 3 months with deprivation of the right to participate in voting system.

против вотума

Voted: 11 | Abstained: 0

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