Acceleration (or modernization) of the formula iti50/50

Mediators voices split. The final decision is taken by the top mediator.
вариант 2 формула остановлена
Voting by acceleration (or modernization, changing the algorithm of work, which will lead to acceleration) of the formula iti50/50. In the case of acceleration, the formula stops, the balance of the formula is redistributed to the remaining participants in the queue in proportion to the number of activations made. Then the parameters of acceleration (modernization) are determined. The formula starts with the new parameters. New parameters may be a decrease in the amount of activation, a maximum amount limit on payment with a gradual increase depending on the influx of new applications, etc.
Voting options:
Option 1. Continue the work of the formula unchanged.
Option 2. Accelerate (upgrade which will lead to acceleration).

Your choice?

  • 25.0% (1)
    Option 1. Continue the work of the formula unchanged
  • 75.0% (3)
    Option 2. Accelerate
Voted: 4 | Abstained: 1

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