Continue or immediately shut down the acceleration factor in the Satoshitest formula

Mediators voices split. The final decision is taken by the top mediator.
1. To finalize the full cycle.
In the Satoshitest formula, participants were able to agree on and incorporate the acceleration factor, that is, the conditions for stopping and restarting the formula, which will be known to all participants in advance. The participants also voted for the parameters of this factor by choosing the time of the Neprikrytija last requisition and the collection time of 4 days as key parameters. These two options complement each other and work together, allowing participants to continue to work together individually and in a formula. The participants succeeded in eliminating the vzbalmoshnye ideas of some of the comrades to continually restart and speed up the formula at their personal desire. As three months have elapsed since the voting, I invite members of the formula to confirm or not to confirm their decision to work in the satoshitest acceleration factor. If the response is positive, the acceleration factor will be reached before the formula is fired and stopped. You will then be able to adjust its parameters. In the event of a negative response, the acceleration factor stops immediately, and the formula stops again as soon as it is dependent on someone else's whim. It is important for us to view the members of the Satoshitest formula. Let's do what they want.
So let's vote.
-Give the acceleration factor in the Satoshitest formula complete the full cycle until it is triggered and the formula is stopped. It can then be adjusted in a working order.
-or immediately stop the acceleration factor? You can stop a formula at any time.
1. To finalize the full cycle.
2. To stop the acceleration factor immediately.

Your choice?

  • 50.0% (2)
    To finalize the full cycle
  • 50.0% (2)
    To stop the acceleration factor immediately
Voted: 4 | Abstained: 1

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