Tether the calculation of the activation amount in the Satoshitest formula to the US dollar rate

Mediators voices split. The final decision is taken by the top mediator.
доллар принят
For the convenience of calculating the activation amount, it is proposed to determine the base activation amount in US Dollars and to tether the calculation of the activation amount in BTC to the base activation amount. Calculate the activation amount at the beginning of each cycle of the SatoshiTest formula. The amount of activation calculated in this way will be valid until the acceleration factor and the restarting of the formula are triggered again. The base amount of the activation in US dollars will be determined by a separate vote.

Your choice?

  • 100.0% (3)
    Tether the activation amount to USDollar
  • 0.0% (0)
    Do not tether
Voted: 3 | Abstained: 1

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