Plan of Adaptive changes to formula BTC Defrost

Mediators voices split. The final decision is taken by the top mediator.
принято в разработку.
1. Modify the parameters for the calculation of the AO (Auto limit) with 1/100 (k = 0.01) at 1/80 (k = 0.0125)
2. Change the amount of activation with 0.002 to 0.004 btc.
3. Remove the AO for progressive applications for their third round.
4. Develop an incentive bonus to Limit applications for continuity of participation.
5. To develop a different type of record amounts of activations among applications location above the middle of the queue and applications located below the middle of the queue.
6. Connect the dynamic activation.

Options on items 1, 2 are connected at the conclusion of the vote, the connection parameters on the remaining items through the week, as the technical readiness of each of them.

The options under agenda item 4: the second continuous circle added to the activation amount plus +2%. On the third lap of continuous +5%. Continuous participation is considered if application is not suspended its participation in the formula did not go on holiday, do not permit the activations are not passed to another formula in the record for receiving the bonus time.

The options under item 5: when activating applications have at the top of the queue is written 50% from the sum, plus activation that was added according to the algorithm of the application, the calculation of the amount of activation (Act) multiplied by 0.5, plus interest (%) on algorithm (Alg) (Act * 0.5 +% Alg). When you activate the applications have in the bottom of the queue is written amount plus 50% activation, plus % on algorithm (Act * 1.5% Alg).

The options under item 6: dynamic activation occur without interleaving with static activations. For large payments, further possibility of crushing amount of activation on equal values with repeated activation. Envisage the allocation of two or more activations when the amount of the payment over 1 btc.

A).Yes / accept plan basis changes
B). No / not to change anything, leave as is

Accept the plan of adaptive formula changes with the parameters described

Voted: 6 | Abstained: 1

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