Parameters for further work of the formula

Mediators voices split. The final decision is taken by the top mediator.
1). Doubling: Stage 1, the amount of activations when doubling (adding applications) is set to a static value of 0.04 btc, after completing the process of adding applications, before running the formula, the dynamic calculation of activations is activated. Stage 2, held approximately in 1-2 weeks, the formula is suspended to add additional requests, static activations with the amount of 0.02 btc are turned on at the time of addition, after the process of adding requests is completed, before the formula is launched, the dynamic calculation of activations is activated.
2). Include order of transfer of records from activations after the doubling stage 1 with the following parameters: minus -100% for applications in the upper part of the queue and plus + 100% for applications in the lower part of the queue. Disable the transfer of records from the top orders to the lower ones after stage 2 of doubling when reaching the payment of the last application of the Limit algorithm available at the time before the beginning of stage 1 of doubling.
3). To set a limit on the maximum number of applications from the same participant, following each other — two applications in a row. If there are three or more bids in a queue from one participant, move the application of the following participant to the place after two consecutive bids, and so on until the queue is in the correct order. To streamline applications in the queue and to monitor in the future the position of applications, eliminating the excessive accumulation of a row of standing applications from one participant.
4). Bind added pair requests to existing requests at the top of the queue, and in case of deactivation of a request added after doubling, deactivate and transfer the top request to the end of the queue.
5). Apply the following incentive bonus design (bonuses, increments) for continuity of participation for Limit orders: When entering the first place on the continuous second and third round, apply a one-time correction of the AO value to raise the possible payout amount by recalculating the forecast and increasing it + 10% on the 2nd circle, + 20% on the 3rd lap. In this case, the coefficient increases, and the value of AO expressed in terms of a fraction decreases. After payment on such an application, the value of the JSC and its calculated coefficient return to their previous position. Continuity is considered such participation in which the application did not interrupt its participation in the form of leave, transfer to another formula, no deactivations or omissions of activations in the crediting period for the promotion.
6). Add an additional algorithm to the formula with the following set of conditions: When entering the first place of an application from this algorithm, the formula collects the full amount specified in the application in the Accumulation +% line, then 50% of the collected amount is paid to the application itself, 25% is sent to distribution in the queue and distributed equally among one-third of applications located in the middle of the queue, 25% is sent to the reserve formula.
The calculation of the range of applications for distribution of 25% in the middle of the queue: ⅓ of X, the total number of applications in the queue, determines the ordinal number of the upper application, ⅔ of X determines the ordinal number of the lower application in the range.
The minimum number of applications in the queue at which the calculation and distribution is 9, if less than the amount remains in the balance for payment on the next application.
Payment to requests in the center of the queue for distribution within 50% of the amount of activations.
For activation on the 1st lap, + 5% to activation is charged. On the 2nd lap, a validated participant is charged + 10% to activation, not validated + 5%. On the 3rd lap, a validated participant is charged + 20% to activation, not validated + 5%.
The algorithm sets the Entry Threshold for applications — the maximum number of previous accumulations for applications must be no higher than 2.5 btc* (*adjustable value)
7). Create a reserve formula for the collection and subsequent distribution of the collected funds according to a set of conditions that work automatically and according to the decision of the participants of the formula: Fundraising for 5% of the activation of applications. Fundraising through the deduction of 25% of the funds collected in the first place applications from the Additional algorithm. The reserve is spent automatically within 50% of the total balance when collecting large, above 2 btc*, payments. (*adjustable value)

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