Cancellation of the voting result for the base activation amount of ITI50/50 and the activation return of 2 iti and other parameters

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Mediators voices split. The final decision is taken by the top mediator.
добавить голосование с вязанное с точным указанием суммы активации. это голосование отменяет привязку к долларам видимо.
Due to the fact that the choice of the basic amount of activation was made by non-participants of the ITI50/50 formula, the participants of the formula suggest canceling the results of the previous vote on the base activation amount and returning the amount of activation 2 iti. In the future, re-vote on the base amount of activation, which will select the participants of the formula. In addition, this vote confirms the remaining valid parameters of the formula that were determined by the participants for the 50/50 formula cluster except for the activation amount.
Activation amount: 2 iti (return)
The payout limit (K): 1 (valid)
Parameter for the new application (PN): 4 iti (valid)
Inflow module,%: 10/5 / 0.1 (effective)
Inflow module for non-military accounts,%: 0.1 (effective)
Inflow module for new applications PN <4 iti (regardless of validation):
for 1,2,3 applications in the queue, respectively 3%, 5%, 10% (valid)
Auto-activation: every 30 hours
Deductions to the Reserve (Insurance) Fund 1% of activation
For more information, please visit:
In addition, this vote confirms the condition of stopping the formula accepted by the participants in the cluster formulas 50/50 (unanimous vote of all participants in the formula with the right to vote or one participant remaining in the formula) within the framework of including in the formula an acceleration factor similar to the acceleration factor of the SatoshiTest formula.

In the case of a positive voting result, the activation amount of 2 iti is returned to the formula immediately after summarizing the voting results.

Question to the participants of the formula ITI50/50. Do you agree to cancel the vote on the base amount of activation that was made by non-participants of the formula and return the amount of activation 2 iti, with the possibility of further voting on the base amount of activation among the participants of the formula? And also to confirm the valid parameters of the formula ITI50/50 (excluding the activation amount) and the conditions for stopping the formula?
1. Yes. I agree.
2. None. Do not change.

Your choice?

  • 66.7% (2)
    Yes. I agree.
  • 33.3% (1)
    None. Do not change.
Voted: 3 | Abstained: 0

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Из-за сбоя системы голосования опять не могу проголосовать.
Выдает сообщение: Для голосования сумма накоплений в ITI Deposit на сайте NotMoney.Spase должна быть больше 0.5 ITI.
В формуле ИТИ 50/50 участие принимаю, более 0.5 iti-waves имею.
Прошу медиаторов засчитать мой голос за вариант 1 (Да. Я согласен).
Голос участника id 284 не учитывается, причина-нет заявки в данной формуле
Сбоев нет. голосовать могут те кто участвует в 05iti и 3 месяца участия
Сергей, я участвую в ITI Deposit три месяца и у меня более 0.5 ITI.
Может быть я не туда смотрю?
Вот скрин из моего кабинета
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