ITI50/50. The formula for calculating the maximum payout ratio for the 50/50 algorithm

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ITI50/50. To approve the formula for calculating the Coefficient (K) of the maximum payout restriction for applications going according to the 50/50 algorithm. Now the payment is determined by the formula Payment = K x N, where N is the maximum number of applications in the current cycle. Initially, the coefficient K was fixed and taken equal to 1 with the sum of activation A = 2 iti. The amount of activation has changed, and the coefficient has remained equal to 1.
We will approve the formula for calculating the coefficient K and restore the proportional dependence of the coefficient on the amount of activation, which the participants accepted as basic when the coefficient of limitation was included in the formula.
K = 0.5 x A, where A is the activation amount
K = 1, with A = 2 iti
K = 2.75, with A = 5.5 iti

Thus, if the activation amount is A = 5.5 iti and the maximum number of applications in the cycle, for example, N = 59 (as at the moment), the amount payable using the 50/50 algorithm will be Payment = K x N = 2.75 x 59 = 162.25 iti ( 81.125 first place + 81.125 for the remaining line)

P.S. In the case of a positive outcome of the vote, the formula for calculating the coefficient K should be included in the formula ITI50/50 ONLY FROM A NEW CYCLE!

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