The index of the number of activations of the application in the formula SatoshiTest

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To improve the information content of the formula, as well as for the convenience of the distribution of the Reserve (Insurance) Fund is proposed. On the page of the SatoshiTest formula, next to each application, display the number of activations (index of the number of activations) made by this application during the time in the queue from the moment the application entered the queue until the moment of payment. When the application leaves the vacation or when switching from another formula, as well as after the payment, the index of the number of activations is reset to 1 (one) after the first activation of this application in the new round. Implement either by adding a new column to the statistics of the application, or as an index next to the amount of the last activation (similar to how it is implemented in the formula Waves BTC and Waves ITI to display the next activation). Next to the headings of the Activations column, add the sum of all the activations made so far SumN = n1 + n2 + n3… (the sum of the values ​​of the indices). See screen

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