The acceleration factor in the formula ITI50/50 and the conditions for its inclusion in the work of formula

Mediators voices split. The final decision is taken by the top mediator.
для формулы принят. 1. Подтверждаю
Do you confirm the decision of the cluster for formulas 50/50, directly for the formula ITI50/50, on the inclusion in the formula of the acceleration factor similar to the acceleration factor acting in the SatoshiTest formula and the condition for stopping the formula ITI50/50 for including in the acceleration factor formula? Conditions for stopping the formula for including the acceleration factor: a) unanimous decision of all participants of the formula with the right to vote for stopping the formula (control voting is carried out no more than once a month) b) there is only one participant left in the formula (regardless of the number of its applications). If at least one of these conditions occurs, the formula is stopped, the reserve fund is distributed and the acceleration factor is included in the formula.
1. I confirm
2. No
In case of a positive outcome of the voting, continue the work of the formula and stop it only for one (any) of the two conditions for stopping the formula confirmed by this vote, after stopping to distribute the reserve fund among the participants remaining in the formula, include the acceleration factor in the formula switching it to the cyclic work algorithm.

Your choice?

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