BTC Defrost.Technical correction

Mediators voices split. The final decision is taken by the top mediator.
в работе
1. To preserve the possibility of participation of the application in the chosen algorithm, with the transition to the next round of the algorithm, when decreasing its savings below the input threshold, it is proposed to make the necessary corrections and make technical correction of the entry threshold to Required value
Change value:
with 4 BTC — 3 BTC
After that, exclude the check on the entrance threshold when changing the circle according to the algorithm, except for the 1st circle.
In the future, as planned earlier, to realize the possibility of participants themselves to specify the algorithm at the establishment of the application, with this choice the need for entry threshold and determination of the amount will disappear.

2. To make correction of the value of auto-limit-AO
Change value
1/80 (coefficient 0.0125)
1/50 (coefficient 0.02)

3. Suspend the formula to make corrections at the end of the voting and resume the movement upon completion of the work.

Answer options:
A). Yes-make correction
B). No-leave as is

Adjusting parameters

Voted: 10 | Abstained: 0

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