BTC Defrost. Adjustment of the value of AO (auto restrictions)

Mediators voices split. The final decision is taken by the top mediator.
1. For timely correction of the value of AO, in case of changes as a result of reduction of the number of applications, and approximation to the installation of the forecast of payments, on the limit application on the first place, to the level less or equal to the amount of activations for the current circle plus 5%, to make Edit by changing the value and calculation factor of the AO to an acceptable value, providing the calculated amount of the forecast above the amount of activations for the current round plus 10%.
2. Replacement of the value of the AO for the calculation of the forecast is done manually and automatically, if possible, step selection and change the values of 5, 10 units before setting the required level of payments.
3. If necessary, the formula is suspended for the time required to work and to bring the formula in the correct order.
a). Yes/apply proposed in formula
b). No/Leave as is

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