BTC Defrost change parameters and formula settings

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принято. будем решать реализацию
1. Change the value defining a large (blue) order from 0.1 btc to 0.03 btc
2. Change the value defining a small (green) order from 0.01 btc to 0.015 btc
3. Change the percentage of deduction to the reserve upon activation from 5% to 10%
4. Change the activation size from 0.0003 btc to 0.0001 btc before a set of applications, after launch, if necessary, adjust this value based on the total number of applications in the queue in the range from 0.0001 btc to 0.0003 btc
5. For applications from validated participants, change the size of the incentive bonus for continuity of participation in the Limit and Additional Algorithm: for the first round from + 10% to + 11%, for the second round from + 15% to + 22%, for the third round from + 22% + 33%
6. Change the value that determines the transition of the order from small (green) to large (blue) from 0.1 btc to 0.03 btc. Applications, the amount of savings +% in which in the process of waiting for payment exceeded 0.03 btc, become large (blue).
7. Change the value that determines the transition from large (blue) to small (green) from 0.1 btc to 0.03 btc. If the balance in savings after payment is less than 0.03 btc, the application becomes shallow (green)
8. Limit payment for large orders within 0.03 btc
9. Procedure for starting a formula

To start the formula:

1. Change the activation size and defining values
2. Change the status of orders that were available at the time the formula was stopped to large (blue)
3. Distribute the balance to the orders in the formula at the time of stopping in proportion to the activations
4. Creation of applications. Participants with large orders create the required number of small orders, according to the rule of ten small orders for each large order available
5. Verification of results, preparation for the launch of the formula
6. Start payments with a large (blue) application
7. After the payment of the first large order, continue payments to the small orders available in the formula, according to the rule of alternating 5 small orders after 1 large
8. New large orders are admitted to the formula immediately from the moment the orders are created and must meet the requirement for large orders before the start of the formula.

Accept new options and formula settings

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