The blue application number is a large amount of payment, the green one is small.
Full payout cycle: 5 green, then 1 blue.
Next payout - blue (only paid 0 out of 1)
If a green application comes first before the blue application is completed, the blue will be moved to the first position automatically by the beginning of the formula.
New applications and applications that started participation with the amount of savings % less than 0.01 BTC become green.
Green applications, the amount of savings % in which in the process of waiting for payments exceeded 0.1 BTC turn blue
App codeActivation Accumulation Accumulation+%Status
41 13F5FE3EC52C 0.00030.01590.018165
42 1B9FC6934A6F 0.00030.060639840.07168411
43 1AF21667319F 0.00030.231131540.23304284
44 18D33183E34X 0.00030.00750.007875
45 14BE92FC3X76 0.00031.074127571.25713629
46 19782EC6676B 0.00030.00120.00132
47 16789A5FBXX9 0.00030.00120.001335
48 174CC8B2BB3B 0.00030.00030.000345
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