ITIcoin - is pure Proof of Stake coin
site tested no viruses

All coins in the community: 32468.055492 iTiCoin

  • Block time: 7 min
  • Difficulty retarget: every block
  • Confirmations: 6, maturity: 100
  • Min stake age: 1 days

ITI abbreviation idiology technology individual (the ideology of technology people)
iTicoin-cryptocurrency created to train people and develop mutual crypto economy.
His base-mathematical algorithm POS, starting from stars Litecoin Peercoin Bitcoin-iTicoin,
he's got all the best and ' POS coin got better idea and historical algorithm Gejzelja money (Freigeld money)

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The site accepts payments to cryptocurrency Bitcoin and iTicoin to buy or sell cryptocurrency you will be able to accept any country currencies at the exchanges and exchanges you can find on the site. Successful participation.
Founded February 13, 2013