iTiCoin Waves

SPPL is a worldwide community of people built on the principles of using a logical and mathematical model. In order to create and manage a community of people following this strategy we strengthen the implementation of each participant’s goal. is a SPPL Community project that provides each participant with an opportunity to create a basic financial flow, and participate actively in new crypto-currency events around the world.


  • Emitent: 3PFBs4ULjkTQrdX5pW5dT8Xk6qYAQvh4PX9
  • ID: 7wjny7cY3ddRRugrE9LoCTM8bnme7s88tjq9pHNQvdpe
  • Name: ITICOIN
  • Type: Not reissuable Date of issue 27.03.2018 11:09
  • Description: “ITI” – abbreviation ideology technology individual. Powered by "SPPL Community". SPPL founded February 13, 2013.
  • Release and emission: 10,000,000 tokens
  • Resolution: 0.00000000
  • The smallest unit is named “idea”. Example 0.00000011 - eleven ideas

ITICOIN token benefits

  • A working coin and proven SPPL system;
  • A joint financing tool for a cheaper and more reliable way of exchanging funds for more than 6,000 people. Security guarantee – 5 years of impeccable SPPL operation;
  • Availability of real technological solutions for further growth;
  • Team of professionals with successful management experience in the Fintech industry.
  • Availability of “open source”, “C ++” software;
  • Own project pool,;
  • Financial plan that divides proceeds into a single flow of 100% to the participants:
    • 10% for the new software codes development and production is planned to be allocated from the community’s annual turnover.
    • Interest in a long-term reliable operation of miners, investors, oligarchs and ordinary people, security is guaranteed by the introduction of advanced socially-oriented technologies.
    • Sharing and building equipment, facilities.

1) Creation of the infrastructure (ITIDEPOSIT) for the design and construction of airships. New types of energy make this decision relevant and demanded.
2) There are plans to buy or launch own series of mini computers adapted exclusively for work in the field of cryptographic encryption and communication of users.  By uniting people into community, we will create together the new logic and traditions, and more than five years of experience reveals new horizons providing a reliable foundation.


Buy/Sell Coins
1) To get started, install the current version of the purse
Follow the instructions and after the start and carefully review the information about password security.
2) Click on the Stock icon and enter the name of the ITIcoin. Selected currency pairs loaded automatically.
3) The expansion of currency pairs and the units to which exchanges iticoin occurs exclusively at the request and initiative of the participants

Participation in the construction of the airship.
1) Replenish the balance with the desired token amount
2) Carefully examine the terms of the ITIdeposit formula
3) Press the "Freeze" button
Defrost mode-weekly on an individual schedule every 7 days.
Minimum Amount 0.00005000 Ideas
(frozen amount +%) \ number of weeks = Defrosts payout
Frozen Deposit for 4 weeks +0.1%.
Frozen Deposit for 12 weeks +1%
Frozen Deposit for 78 weeks +8%
Frozen Deposit for 104 weeks +10%